Receiving an SPSF Pulaski scholarship provides hope. In the words of a current scholar, “Receiving this scholarship was the first security my family has known since I went back to school. ” Being a part of SPSF Pulaski provides not only dollars for critical needs like food, childcare, and transportation, it provides empowerment. Scholars have opportunities to attend workshops and events focused on personal and professional development topics. These services make SPSF Pulaski more than just a scholarship and contribute to over 90% of students graduating or staying in school each semester.

With your monthly Gift of Hope donation of $25, SPSF Pulaski is able to provide scholarship dollars for a student’s gas for a week or host a workshop on resume writing or personal finances. Your gift of less than a dollar a day creates a new future for a family in our community. When you bring single parents out of poverty, they bring their children with them.