The Legacy Team

If you’ve spent any time around SPSF, you’ve heard us say “We may not be saving lives, but we are changing them!”  The reality is our  Legacy Team is changing the lives of the single parents we serve.  Together we provided scholarships to 54 low-income single parents in 2016 and 19 graduated with an undergraduate college degree.  Life-changing!  Do you have any idea how important you are to the work we do at SPSF?  Could we provide over $150,000 worth of scholarships and support services to high-potential students?  Not without you.  Your contributions, your input, your connections, your volunteer time, your genuine and sincere concern – these are the characteristics that are game-changers.  Collectively you make a positive impact in the lives of single-parents, their children, our colleges and universities, Pulaski County, and our state.

When single-parents move from a place of dependency to a place of secure self-sufficiency, their lives change.  The lives of their children change.  The life of our community changes.

We may not be saving lives, but we are changing them.  And we couldn’t do it without you. Within the Legacy Team, you can give in any of the following areas:

  • SPSF Students Recruitment and Selection
    • Every Spring and Fall we accept applications from new students seeking to increase their educational attainment to ultimately support their families. Once applications are closed, a selection committee reads through the applications to select students for first and second round interviews. If you would like to volunteer in the Student Recruitment and Selection area, select that option from the drop-down menu in the form below.
  • Student/Alumni Focused Projects
    • Throughout the year we provide students with personal and professional development opportunities in addition to volunteering in the community as an organization. We love for our supporters to get involved with current students and share their journeys with them.  On November 5, 2016 our students, alumni, volunteers, and board members volunteered at the Arkansas Food Bank helping to sort nonperishable food products that would be shipped to families across the state.  This is one of many things that we do to get our students involved in the community and connect with each other, alumni, board members and donors. If you would like to get involved in Student/Alumni Focused Projects, choose that option from the drop-down menu in the form below.
  • SPSF Community Outreach
    •  Spreading the word about who we are and what we do is essential in moving us forward and changing the lives of single parents and their families in Pulaski County and Arkansas. Meeting your network of friends to educate individuals and businesses on our mission and our accomplishments is a way to find those who wish to support SPSF Pulaski. At these events we do not ask for donations.  If you would like to get involved with our Community Outreach by setting up an opportunity for us to tell our story, choose that option from the drop-down menu in the form below.
  • Special Events Team
    • We host at least two major events throughout the year, A Night of Hope in the Fall and Graduation in the spring. We love these special events as they honor a SPSF Pulaski honoree, sponsors, our Giving Circle Members, and the graduates of SPSF Pualski. As with all big celebrations, these event require people willing to pitch in with planning, set-up and tear down.  If you would like to be on the Special Events Team, choose that option from the Special Events Team from the drop-down menu in the form below.
  • Fundraising Initiatives & Marketing
    • Every scholarship provided to students is done so by contributions from individuals, private foundations and businesses. The more scholarships that we provide the more lives we are changing. If you would like to assist with fundraising initiatives and spreading the word about SPSF, choose the Fundraising Initiatives & Marketing option from the drop-down menu in the form below.
  • Behind the Scenes Support
    • We couldn’t do what we do without behind the scenes support that helps organize materials for student orientation, scan papers for records managements, take pictures at an event, or help with event setup. If you would like to provide Behind the Scenes Support for us, choose that option from the drop-down menu in the form below.

Whether you’re an individual or an organization we welcome you to join our Legacy Team!

Email to find out more or complete the form below.

The Legacy Team

Let's find a place for you! Together we can create change in hard working single parents families in our community.