Each semester we offer a wide range of student development opportunities for students to take advantage of. These programs and workshops are structured to improve and enhance the skills of students as they transition into new phases and stages of their lives. A list of programs and workshops includes:

Personal Development

  • Nutrition
  • Grocery Shopping on a Budget
  • Financial Management/Budgeting
  • Banking Basics
  • Family Social Activities
    • Holiday programs/parties
    • Picnic
    • Fall Festival-Health & Safety
  • Entrepreneurship

Employability Skills/Professional Skills

  • Social Media Professionalism
  • Mock Interviews
  • Professional Dress (dress for the work environment)

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid
  • Pell Grant Eligibility
  • Student Loans
  • Other Scholarships
  • Eligibility requirements & lifetime limits of Pell Grants